Petro grew up on a farm in the then SOUTH West Africa , now Namibië . Although surrounded by various different sorts of handwork on a continues basis she only start to take up embroidery ,especially creative emroidery seriously about twenty years ago.   She has contributed to the Threads and Crafts magazine a number of  articles till they closed down. She enjoys teaching tremendously because it is a wonderful and fulfilling experience for teacher as well as student.

For some time she had the dream of taking the embroidery to the people in the countryside. When contributions was published in the magazine ladies use to phone and inquire about classes as well as kits. She hope to bring some joy and fulfilment to them with this range of creative embroidery kits.

The designs of the  kits are all made up from original drawings from artists known to Petro. The embroidery is also done by herself with instructions and visuals as clearly as possible.